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Sales Automation Platform

Business Development, Sales Lead Generation and Telemarketing Solution for Professionals

Manage and increase outbound focused sales activity with our automated sales management platform.

Increase the number of quality conversations and manage the sales relationship and tasks.

Ideally suited for sales teams or individual sales professionals and independent sales representatives.

Optimized for sales activity in the United Kingdom.


Sales prospecting, relationship and sales management in the...

Sales Researcher Platform V2.0

VERSION 2.0 Will be available soon



Who it's For?

SalezSoft'  Sales Researcher is a sales automation application enabling the sales professional to reduce their time doing time consuming administration and target research activity. Releasing this time back allows the sales representative to concentrate on building relationships and talking to more qualified prospects. Using Salezsoft Researcher will increase outbound productivity, increasing the number of conversations so representatives can do what they enjoy and do best and close more deals. 

  • Building highly specified target lists using existing contact data and using online integrated resources

  • sales and business development automation and flow management

  • Business development prospecting with intuitive tools

  • Validation of existing contacts and list/captured data

  • Automation of Outbound email and call management

  • Automation of inbound email handling

  • Reduce time demanding administration and data entry. Focus on business generating and sales activity.

  • Integration with existing tools e.g. CRM

  • Compliance with region specific contact calling laws and GDPR

  • Individual Professionals

  • Sales Departments

  • Freelancers

  • Sales Representatives

 automation business development platform. Sales Researcher.


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Salezsoft Ltd is a UK based company with over 30 years of high performance Sales and marketing experience.We are providing software and integrated solutions for sales professionals.Having used the very latest Enterprise applications, we have created focused and efficient software tools to save time and create  efficiency.

All software has been used extensively within Salezsoft to enhance and mature its operation and effectiveness.

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To provide a complimentary set of applications, tools and integrated solutions for use by sales professionals ideally suited to individuals as well as growing sales teams.Priced so that all sales professionals have access to comprehensive featured sales automation tools but at an affordable cost.

The automated sales applications and tools provide by Salezsoft automate specific parts of the sales process such as prospecting and business development. We integrate with most existing business applications and automation tools. Automating sales processes will free up time for sales representatives to actually speak to prospects and improving the sales process.

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Providing very streamlined functional applications and smart intelligent tools to automate many sales and business development processes. For data security and compliance the option of  local application or cloud based SaaS.

AI functions are used to  provide intelligence, accuracy and consistency of results.



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